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Added Money at the World’s Largest Youth Rodeos

Denver, CO (August 1, 2018) – The National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) announces added money to each event at the National Junior High Finals Rodeo (NJHFR) and National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFR).

On Sunday July, 22nd at the annual NHSRA Board of Directors meeting at the conclusion of the 2018 National High School Finals Rodeo in Rock Springs, WY the Board of Directors voted on and passed the proposed additional jackpot purse money to the 2019 National Junior High Finals Rodeo and National High School Finals Rodeo.  A total of $150,000 will be added to the optional jackpots between the two National Finals Rodeos— $50,000 at the NJHFR and $100,000 at the NHSFR.

NHSRA Executive Director, James Higginbotham makes it known that “the NHSRA will continue its tradition of no entry fee for either of the National Junior High Finals Rodeo or the National High School Finals Rodeo.” Higginbotham expresses his enthusiasm for the new waves tying into the traditional waves of the NHSRA, “we are excited to be able to add money to the optional jackpot for those who choose to enter the jackpot. This is in addition to the many awards and scholarships offered at both finals and another benefit to the members that we are pleased to offer.”

Since 2006, the NHSRA has offered an optional jackpot for contestants competing at the NJHFR and NHSFR. Considerable scholarship dollars and awards are already offered annually at the NJHFR and NHSFR.  At the 2018 NHSFR there were over $375,000 in scholarships awarded and over $150,000 in prizes. An estimated $625,000 will be given at the 2019 NHSFR, including the $100,000 added jackpot payouts. At the 2018 NJHFR there were $110,000 in scholarships awarded and over $140,000 in prizes, for an expected $300,000 total payout with the inclusion of the added cash in 2019.

$50,000 dollars will be awarded to the top 4 (who enter the jackpot) in each event among the 13 events at the NJHFR – including:  Barrel Racing, Bareback Steer Riding, Boys Breakaway, Boys Goat Tying, Bull Riding, Chute Dogging, Girls Breakaway, Girls Goat Tying, Pole Bending, Ribbon Roping, Saddle Bronc Steer Riding, Team Roping and Tie-Down Roping.  $100,000 dollars to the top 6 places (of those who enter the jackpot) in each event among the 15 events at the NHSFR – including: Barrel Racing, Bareback Riding, Boys Cutting, Breakaway Roping, Bull Riding, Girls Cutting, Goat Tying, Pole Bending, Reined Cow Horse, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping and Tie-Down Roping.

The added rodeo payout money will be offered this year’s 2019 NJHFR in Huron, SD and 2019 NHSFR in Rock Springs, WY.  The added jackpot money will pay out to the contestants who choose to enter the optional jackpot at the Finals. Continuing the tradition, there will still not be an entry fee for qualifiers to compete at the NJHFR or the NHSFR.  Contestants can choose to enter the optional jackpot for the rodeo payout purse; jackpot entry fees for that will remain $75 per event at the NJHFR and $150 per event at the NHSFR.  The expected total cash payout for 2019 is over $300,000.

About the NHSRA:

Since its inception in 1949, the NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL RODEO ASSOCIATION has existed first and foremost to promote and support education and to develop the essential attributes of leadership, dedication, commitment and responsibility in high school students.  While preserving the western heritage, the NHSRA teaches its members to maintain the highest regard for each other and their livestock.  The NHSRA’s mission does not stop on the high school level, as the Association also strives to impart to its members the advantage of higher education and the desire to never stop learning.  The NHSRA supports their dreams by annually awarding more than $550,000.00 in scholarships at the national level, and $1.8 million in scholarship cumulatively on the international level.   With over 70 Years of history behind the NHSRA and continued growth and success, the organization is preserving the past and preparing for a successful future. For more information, visit



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