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Cullen Eppright – Officer Candidate for NHSRA President
“Somewhere behind the rider you’ve become, the hours of practice you’ve put in, the money you’ve spent, the miles you’ve hauled, the sweat, the tears, the blood, the blisters, the ripped jeans, the lame horses, and everything in between is a kid who fell in love with the sport of rodeo and never looked back.”
This quote could very well describe the membership of NHSRA and embodies many parts of our mission statement. As a presidential officer candidate, I would like to have the opportunity to represent not only each member of the National High School Rodeo Association, but also to be an ambassador for the sport that we all love – rodeo. Together we can all ignite a fire in the membership to be excited about the competition that lies ahead, remember the fun we have had in the past, and encourage new people to come and join our fun.
My name is Cullen Eppright and I have had a love for the sport of rodeo from the very beginning. I am an incoming junior from Texas attending Gonzales High School. I compete in Calf Roping. I am currently serving the Texas High School Rodeo Association as the Student President and will be seeking re-election at our state finals. I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as the NHSRA Jr. High Division President in 2014 and enjoyed being an ambassador for our association. It is fun for me to meet new people and perform public speaking duties. My hobbies are watching Texas A&M sporting events, CrossFit, fishing, and hunting; but my passion, like yours, is rodeo. It would truly be an honor and a privilege to serve as your NHSRA President.
I look forward to seeing everyone in Gillette and hearing your ideas that would help make our association even better. Wishing you all safe travels, great practices, and the best of luck at Nationals. Cinch Up Tight, Tie ‘Em Right, and Vote Cullen Eppright for NHSRA President.

James “JC” Flake—Officer Candidate for NHSRA President
· Arizona born and bread
· Country strong
· Steer Wrestler, Calf and Team Roper
· Current Arizona High School Rodeo Association President
· Proven Leader
· Raised 100% of the funds for our AZHSRA Special Needs Rodeo two years in a row
· Increased the number of members running for Student Officers
· Attended NHSRA Mid-Winter Meeting in Chattanooga, TN
Asking for your support and vote for JC Flake for President in Gillette, WY

Fallon Goemmer—Officer Candidate for NHSRA Vice President
Hi, I’m Fallon Goemmer and I want to be your 2016 National Student Vice President. I have been involved in rodeo from an early age having being raised in a rodeo and ranching family. I started my NHSRA career in the Junior High division in New Mexico and am now a rising sophomore in the Virginia High School Rodeo Association. Three years ago when my parents told me that we were moving to Virginia, my first thought was¬is there rodeo? I was curious to see what rodeo would be like in Virginia compared to New Mexico-where it was such a huge part of the culture and heritage. I discovered that the spirit of rodeo is very much alive as well as the dedication to the sport and the willingness to help others. The spirit of rodeo is not determined by the number of competitors or the size of an association, but it is a commitment by all of us and our families to the sport. As with any sport, it is the willingness to be your best, improve at the end of the day and above all have a love for it. I believe that helping others experience the same passion of rodeo as I do is what I love to do. So this summer at the National High School Finals Rodeo be a pal and vote for Fal!

Kaitlyn Harwell—Officer Candidate for NHSRA Vice President
I am Kaitlyn Harwell, a sophomore at Artesia High School and a member of the New Mexico High School Rodeo Association. I will be running for vice-president of the NHSRA at the National High School Rodeo Finals in Gillette, Wyoming this summer. I have been a member of the NHSRA for the last two years, and a member of the NJHRA for the three years before that; during that time I have been a part of the New Mexico National Qualifiers team and the national Cinch team, as well as a past national champion in the breakaway roping. I would like to contribute to making the NHSRA the best youth organization in the world because I believe it truly is.

Mason Gukenberger—Officer Candidate for NHSRA Vice President
I believe you can’t just put on cowboy boots and call yourself country; you have to understand its roots and history to truly be country. My name is Mason Gukenberger and I am a junior competing in the Wisconsin High School Rodeo Association. I will be campaigning for the 2016 National High School Student Vice President at the National High School Finals Rodeo.
The sport of rodeo has been in my family for generations. My family has shared many stories and experiences about participating and supporting rodeos which has given me a drive to help carry on this great event. I would like to help make more families aware of the opportunities that exist by being members of the NHSRA. I believe that a successful future for high school rodeo depends on today’s growth.
My campaign platform includes promotion for future generations and encouraging more communities to be involved in rodeos. Our future generations are what make our association strong. This association builds champions and creates a starting point for future professionals. In my community I have promoted the sport of rodeo and would like the opportunity at the national level to continue encouraging others to join.
Although my state isn’t known to be a “cowboy state” I believe that rodeo can continue to grow to become America’s number one sport. As a freshman at Marshfield High School I founded the Marshfield High School Rodeo Club. By starting this new club I encouraged local horse lovers to be interested in rodeo. My main goal for my community is to get as many people involved with horses as possible. My past leadership positions include the Marshfield FFA Treasurer, and Marshfield High School Rodeo Club President. I am currently the Student Vice President of the Wisconsin High School Rodeo Association and also the President of the Marshfield FFA. These positions have given me many opportunities to practice public speaking and leadership skills to run strong organizations.
I believe that the future of High School Rodeo depends on today’s successes and building a stronger and larger organization. I would enjoy the opportunity to review my platform with you in Gillette. On a final note I wish all the contestants luck as the spring season starts. I can’t wait to see everyone in Gillette!
Thank You,
Mason Gukenberger

“Mason is an outstanding young man with high goals and great determination to fulfill them. He has helped in Wisconsin and completes what he starts to his highest ability. I have known his family for a long time. I feel he can do wonders at the national level.”
Jim Kite
Wisconsin National Director

Logan Fontenot—Officer Candidate for NHSRA Vice President
My name is Logan Fontenot. I am a 17-year-old junior at Barbe High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and I am seeking the position of National Student Vice-President. Along with NHSRA, I am a member of the FCA, 4-H, and the American Junior Red Brangus Association. Being in these associations has provided me with the chance to be apart of many amazing experiences. I expanded upon these skills this past year as the Louisiana High School Rodeo Association Student President. I had the first-time experience of serving on a board with my own father and with parents of my rodeo friends, as well as with a great student officer team. It was an eye-opening experience for me to see the enormous efforts and volunteer hours of so many that make our association possible. I also understand those same efforts can be found throughout the United States, Canada and Australia, allowing us to chase our dreams in many arenas. In addition to this insight, I gained hands-on knowledge in planning, organizing, managing, and marketing during this rodeo year. I was greatly humbled to be re-elected as Student President for the upcoming year. I look forward to the opportunity to share my ideas in running for NHSRA Student Vice-President! It has been a dream of mine to represent this amazing association since I started rodeoing in 6th grade. Junior High and High School Rodeo has provided me with so many outstanding experiences! I want to promote this association, as well as the sport of rodeo, so that others can share in the same experiences. While representing the Louisiana High School Rodeo Association, I was able to travel to elementary schools in my hometown teaching kids about rodeo and the opportunities if they join NHSRA when they get to the 6th grade. Lastly, my community means so much to me that I feel strongly about giving back. I have organized and worked several special need’s rodeos where I was able to interact with many exceptional kids. It was great to see the kids have so much fun with the sport I love! We have also had a huge variety of activities where we have collected food, tack, mittens, caps, books and everything imaginable for specific charitable projects of need. I would love to spur a movement of “Cowboys and Cowgirls Giving Back” across our national association. Maybe we can talk about that and other topics when I see you in Gillette! Good luck to all those competing and safe travels!
Keep up with my campaign on social media: Instagram and Twitter- loganf54
Happy trails,
Logan Fontenot

Kyler Dick – Officer Candidate for Vice President

Hello my name is Kyler Dick and I am running for the NHSRA student Vice President. I have been rodeoing for over six years throughout all of Jr. High and high school. I compete in steer wrestling, team roping and reining cow horse. Last year I was lucky enough to be the State of Utah’s champion steer wrestler and student Vice-President. I love this association with all my heart because it has given me so many great memories, tools and friendships that I will surely use throughout my entire life. The National High School Rodeo Association is an amazing organization that is dedicated to representing the great sport of rodeo that we all love in the best light possible and helping people make memories that will last them a lifetime! As your NHSRA student Vice President I will do everything in my power to improve and promote the sport of rodeo, represent the NHSRA in a positive light wherever I go, have good leadership and people skills, and preserve our western heritage as a rodeo community and family. Remember DON’T BE A CHICK VOTE FOR KYLER DICK!

Lexi Hicks—Officer Candidate for NHSRA Secretary
My name is Lexi Hicks and I am looking for your support as I run for NHSRA Student Secretary! I am 17 years old and come from the great Province of Saskatchewan where I ranch with my family. Currently, I am serving as Vice President of the SHSRA. I am the past SHSRA Queen, 1st Queen from Saskatchewan to make Top 10 Finalist at NHSRA Finals and am the Girls Captain of SHSRA CINCH Team. I’m proud to say I was just awarded the Tyson Durphey Sportsmanship Award. I’ve also received academic awards and the ARIAT Put Your Best Boot Forward award. I am organized and work well independently, which is good because I am a 5 event cowgirl in the arena! My board experience includes serving as Secretary for 4 years in my local 4-H Beef Club and as a rep on my school’s student representative council. Holding a board position is a job I take very seriously. I love the NHSRA and would love to work for you, the membership, so I can try and give back to this awesome association and also help it grow and stay strong! I hope I can count on your support at election time! Feel free to contact me with questions or just say hi! I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at Nationals!

Grace Hasler-Officer Candidate for NHSRA Secretary

I am Grace Hasler and I would like to be your 2016-2017 National Student Secretary. I feel the most important job of an officer is to REPRESENT, and that is exactly what I would like to do for you.
In 1 Timothy 4:12b, the Apostle Paul tells us to “set an example for believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity”. Although I often fall short of these standards, I try to keep God first in my life and pledge to do so as your next secretary.
I want to be YOUR representative to the NHSRA and the NHSRA’s representative to the world. As a two-time NHSRA Junior High National Officer, I have developed an understanding of our officers’ importance and the role they play in representing the NHSRA and preserving our western heritage.
Here is a little more about me……
This week I am proud to represent Team Indiana in Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Goat Tying, Barrel Racing, and Pole Bending. I am blessed with two great horses, Maken and Kitty, and wouldn’t be here without them. I am currently serving as the INHSRA’s Vice President.
I am 17 years old and live in a small town in Southern Indiana where I attend Hauser High School and will be a Junior this coming year. I am the point guard and captain for the varsity basketball team and run varsity track. I am also a class representative for the SADD Club and am currently serving as the Hope FFA Chapter Student Advisor. I have a current GPA of 4.17 and maintain a straight A average in all of my honors classes.
My younger sister, Mel, the 2015-2016 JH National President, will be moving into the high school division this fall and will be helping me campaign this week. Many people think we look like twins with our hats on, but of course I think I look older. My younger brother, Nate, will be two in August and tractor is his current favorite word. Although he was quite a surprise, he has brought some really exciting times to our family! If you stop by my display, you will notice that he only appears in two pictures in my album. That is because he is a wild child; I can’t imagine life without him. My mom and dad spend many hours hauling my sister and me down the road and I am blessed to have such a great family that helps me to follow my dreams.
I work on my family’s farm where we board and lease 50 head of horses and instruct kids in western, hunt seat and gaming. I also work for my Grandpa, who runs a couple hundred head of horses which he sends to children’s camps and college equestrian programs in Indiana and Ohio. He has been a horse trader his whole life, and it is always an adventure that follows the phrase, “Come go with me!” You never know what you will be swinging your leg over.
I am looking forward to talking with you all and can’t wait to see what this week holds.
Good luck and God bless!
Grace Hasler

Lizzy Sexton-Officer Candidate for NHSRA Secretary

– My story-
My name is Lizzy Sexton, I’m 18 years old and reside in Wilsonville, Alabama. I have been a
member of the NHSRA for 3 years, 6 if you include junior high. I compete in barrels, goats,
breakaway, cutting, reined cow, and team roping. I am running for the 2016 Student Secretary
I started junior rodeo in 5th grade and for that year I had basically 2 friends and only because
we both rode horses at the same barn together. I was incredibly shy so when I started junior
high rodeo and the other two girls didn’t, I pretty much stayed to myself.
Well I made nationals that year in barrels, poles and goats, and I was supposed to haul out to
gallup with a girl named Morgan Pope. Morgan is super outgoing, so of course she convinces
me to go to dances and drags me around everywhere with her. That year at nationals was the
first time I started to get out of my shell, and that year I made a friend I still keep in contact with
named Brooke Bezona from Oregon. She actually sent me a graduation invite this year and I
thought it was the neatest thing ever that the NHSRA helped form that friendship.
The next year I made it again and met friends from New Mexico and Canada, all of whom I still
keep in touch with and by then, it was me who ended up dragging my friends along everywhere
with me. My confidence only grew from there with each rodeo and nationals that passed.
Because of this confidence that the NHSRA helped me achieve, I ran for Junior high queen and
won, and won our state high school queen title 2 years in a row.
I even had the confidence to get up and preach a sermon at cowboy church this year during our
annual Bama Challenge, despite being so nervous I thought I might puke. I loved representing
rodeo as a queen, but this year I decided I would venture into something with the same
opportunities and a LOT less hairspray.
I guess what I’m trying to say is the NHSRA helped me to find my voice, and because of that i
have had so many amazing memories, opportunities and lifelong friendships. So, now I want to
give back and have the chance to be yall’s voice in the NHSRA and be able to help anyone else
to find their own voice.
My strengths-
I excel in writing and run a faith based blog called If I win this
position I plan to use my platform to start a rodeo based blog to encourage and help new
contestants! I have given many interviews and been on the news multiple times from being a
rodeo queen. I am great at coming up with new ideas to bring fans and bring contestants
together. I am homeschooled so my time can be dedicated to rodeo much easier than others! I
have already been offered to speak at several conventions in my state if I am fortunate enough
to win this title! I have been to mid winter meeting and won the written test portion of the queen
contest so I know this association extremely well. I have been a delegate at the Junior High
Finals twice and at the High School finals twice and actively participated in my state board
meetings! I would love the opportunity to represent such a great association!
My ultimate goal-
My ultimate goal is to be able to share the love of Christ through the use of whatever platform I
am given. I love God and I love people, and at the end of my life I just want to know I served
God and served others.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me! If you have any questions, you can check
out my blog-, snapchat me at lizzy.ashley, or text me at
Sincerely, Miss Lizzy Sexton

Katelynn Wagner-Officer Candidate for NHSRA Secretary


My name is Katelynn Wagner; I am seventeen years old and I have just finished my junior year of high school. I am the third oldest of six children and I live with my family in Whitehall, Montana. Myself and all of my siblings have all been home-schooled. I have been involved in 4-H, church youth group and have also participated in livestock judging for a couple of years. I have been around and peter in rodeo ever since I can remember. I competed in Junior High rodeo for two years, and qualified for Junior High National Finals my 8th grade year. I am currently the Montana state High School Rodeo secretary. My rodeo events include team roping, breakaway roping and goat tying. I also enjoy snowboarding during the Montana winter months, floating the Jefferson River on a hot day, dancing with friends, camping in the hills, or just spending time with my family. My future plans are to pursue a career in the equine industry. I am passionate about Rodeo and I am excited to promote this sport in any way possible. I believe that we are the future of this sport and it’s up to us too represent it to the best of our abilities. In seeking this office, I hope to stand up to these tasks and responsibilities as your new National Secretary.

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