2010 NHSFR Queen Contest

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2010-2011 NHSRA Queen:  
Callie Martin - South Carolina

First Attendant:                     Hanna Heckman - Montana
Second Attendant:                Claira Hollingsworth - Idaho
Third Attendant:                   Nikki Woodward - Texas
Fifth Place:                           Ashlie Scott - Utah
Sixth Place:                           Mary Reynolds - Mississippi
Seventh Place:                      Katy Lucas - Alberta
Eighth Place:                         Loren Bebensee - California
Ninth Place:                          Morgan Roberts - Oklahoma
Tenth Place:                         Keri Sheffield - Florida

Highest Test Score (4-way tie):    Alex Soukup - Iowa;   Claira Hollingsworth - Idaho;  
                                                    Mary Reynolds - Mississippi   Callie Martin - South Carolina

Impromptu Speech:            Mary Reynolds - Mississippi

Modeling:                           Callie Martin - South Carolina

Personality (tie):                Hanna Heckman - Montana;   Callie Martin - South Carolina

Appearance:                      Callie Martin - South Carolina

Personal Interview:            Hanna Heckman - Montana

Best Speech:                      Callie Martin - South Carolina

Horsemanship:                   Nikki Woodward - Texas


*The following awards do not impact the outcome of the contest, as no points
were awarded to the winners.

Executive Director's "Exemplary Leadership" Award:  Hanna Heckman - Montana

Miss Congeniality:                                                     Maggie Longabaugh - Kansas;  
                                                                                   Taylor Rieniets - Wyoming

Miss Photogenic:                                                       Hanna Heckman - Montana


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