2007 NHSFR Miscellaneous Awards

NRA Small Bore Rifle Shooting Competition
1st- Oregon
2nd- Texas
3rd- Colorado
4th- Alberta
5th- Ohio

NRA Shotgun Trap Shooting Competition
1st- Wisconsin
2nd- Oregon
3rd- Missouri
4th- Pennsylvania
5th- Indiana
Farrier's Formula for Success NHSRA Knowledge Bowl
1st- South Dakota
2nd- Mississippi

High Individual Score - Tie -
Paige Nicholson and Kristina Maddox
Wrangler 20X Extreme 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament
1st- Missouri
2nd- Wyoming
NHSFR Volleyball Tournament
1st- Nebraska
2nd- Wyoming

NHSRA State/Provincial Basket Contest Results
People’s Choice Award-

1st– Georgia
2nd– Oklahoma|
3rd– Nevada
4th– Louisiana
5th– Montana

Best of Show Award-
1st– Montana
2nd– Louisiana
3rd – New Mexico
4th – Minnesota
5th – Hawaii

Association of the Year Scrapbook Contest
1st– Indiana
2nd– Tennessee
3rd– Arkansas
4th– Mississippi
5th– Manitoba

"Professional's Choice Student Athlete of the Year" Award
Girls Winner
Shea Henderson, Nebraska

Girls Runner-Up
Cassie Vierstra, Idaho

Boys Winner
Austin Orgain, Oklahoma

Boys Runner-Up
Adam Sawyer, Nebraska

"Wrangler 20X Extreme Talent Contest Presented by Ariat" Results
1st– Cody Proctor – Washington – Vocal Solo
2nd– Sami Jo Sartin – Washington – Vocal Solo
3rd– Natalie Thompson – Alabama – Vocal and Guitar
4th– Kathryn Stevenson – British Columbia – Vocal Solo
5th– A.J. Ostrander – Saskatchewan – Drum Instrumental

NHSFR King Contest
(Raised a total of $970 for the Scholarship Foundation)
2007 NHSFR King - Josh Torres - Florida - $412
First Attendant - Will Bradley - Mississippi - $344


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